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split Demo between Brutalomania and XQM

The project CORIUM is presenting now a lava-like mixture of industrial, musique concrète and ambient atmospheres.

The heterogenous nature of the CORIUM is based on a tension field which is generated by the two founding members Michael Schaffer and Matt Weigand. The musical roots of ambient and studio artist and guitarist M.Schaffer are located in projects such as Birdmachine, Indian Tree Pie or Monoflow and vary from experimental abstraction to a clear harmonic form. Nearly standing opposite to his rather musical approach is the intonation of non-musician M. Weigand. His early musical education ocurred via 7 Minutes of Nausea, End of Silence and XQM.

While Schaffer is co-running the label for ambient and free sounds named opa loka records, Weigand is the owner of ecocentric records, well known for its harsh and noisy obsessions.

Common to both (...)

slumps does 11 grinding crustcore/d-beat tracks. While Life Ends plays 11 fastcore songs. Both german bands are hard hitting! See the trailer below.

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Bitterness Exhumed : Doomridden CD Like your music sonically crippling, fucking heavy and outrageously seething with anger? Hey, we do too!!! So this band, aptly named BITTERNESS EXHUMED will be right up your alley, promise! Formed in late 2010, BITTERNESS EXHUMED is about friendship, critical thinking, personal experiences and releasing anger. The five of us came together to write music different than the stuff we do besides BITTERNESS or have done in the past. No Further Explanation is really needed. Just take a listen to the songs we sing and read through the lines we wrote. Thoughts on that are always welcome. Drop us a line if you like what you hear and see, let us know. Let's go back to the golden days of communication, let's interact, let's grow.